Best Juicing Foods

There are a lot of foods that can help you stay healthy.  Taking a holistic approach is a good solution in a lot of cases.  It won’t always prevent the need for medicine but studies have shown that getting a lot of fruits and vegis everyday AKA daily can really make a difference.  In some cases especially dealing with cancers you might need IV theory because your body isn’t digesting all the nutrients properly or it can’t digest enough to get the maximum benefit.  Juicing a good option in between diet and IV.  With eating these things you can only eat so many every day.  But with juicing you can get a big punch by drinking 16 ounces a day or even twice a day.  If that doesn’t make a difference take a look at IV vitamin theory.  Some of the best juicing foods can be researched online.

Juice Bar Collective

One of the oldest and most famous juice bar coops in the country is a joint called the Juice Bar Collective.  It is located in Berkeley, California which we all know as a place for higher learning and a place for important social movements. If you have hippy parents and grew up in the area it is possible that they are or where owners of this cooperative. It’s Located at 2114 Vine St, Berkeley, CA 94709 this is one of the most famous coop juice bars in the world. If you are in the area you must swing by and get a cup of organic juice.  Show your support by liking them on facebook.  This beautiful art used on their sign is the kind of thing we would want to buy and put up in our kitchen.


Juice Machines

One of the things about drinking organic juice is that it is expensive.  Juice Coops tend to have much more fair prices because they are owned by the customers but still it’s tough if you want to take the entire family.  And the reality is the health benefit of juicing is from doing it daily and who has the money for that?  You might want to check out this alternative that you can use in your home.  It’s a slow juicer so the juice stays cold and maintains it’s nutrients during the process.  And the best thing is it’s very easy to clean unlike most typical juice machines. You can get one from Juicepresso.


Willy Street Coop

So what is the Willy Street Coop?  Located at 6825 University Ave. Middleton, WI 53562 they have one of the best juice bars  for miles.  If you need great organic fresh squeezed juice be sure to stop by Willy.  They are currently taking on new owners so swing by and check them out this might be something you are interested in.  The mission is to maintain a environmentally and economic viable business cooperatively owned to serve South Central Wisconsin. The prices for fresh organic juice is extremely reasonable. Most 16 ounce drinks are about three dollars and change. And they have a great market with hard to find products like beet powder.




The Wedge


A great worker owned cooperative for a great organic juice shop.  They have a great bake shop and tasty smoothies.  They are located at 2105 Lyndale Avenue South  Minneapolis, MN 55405.  You can also find on site classes and just an over all great place to swing by for some healthy food.  The mission is to offer a wide selection of quality fairly priced products as a natural foods co-op. To achieve this they will earn the loyalty of the community and member owners and build a bond with the local food producers using a cooperative value system and principles.



Juice Shop Coops